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Time for him to cowboy up . . .

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He’s spent fifteen years protecting bull riders when they hit the dirt, but what’s a bullfighter supposed to do with his life when a bull puts him in a wheelchair? Maybe Katie Garrison, in the middle of a contentious divorce, can help him figure out his future, but her husband isn’t going to let her go without a fight. Besides, Luke may never walk again – what can he offer a woman like Katie, accustomed to security and luxury? Time for him to cowboy up.


From the book ...


"Dang, girl!” Luke said. “Why do you keep that handsome mane bundled up like an old-maid schoolmarm?"

Katie tried to gather her hair back into some order and finally settled for pulling it to hang through the back of the cap.

"My husband didn't like me to wear it loose. Too casual, he said. He wanted me to cut it to look more polished." Reflexively she rubbed the third finger on her left hand.

"Your husband sounds like a damn fool. Sorry, but that's how it looks to me. I'm glad you stood your ground."

"Me, too, not that it matters now."

"Sure it does -- it matters to you." He studied her. "So . . . you ran away from home?"