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The High Road Home

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Robbie Tolliver, unmarried and facing forty, has spent half her life doing right by her kin. Now it's her turn to break loose with a solo road trip from Kentucky to Seattle. Her journey stalls in Colorado when she meets an enigmatic rancher, to-die-for in his faded Wranglers, but passion ignites only when they face danger together. When Robbie learns the secret haunting his life, the revelation teaches her about hard choices and sacrifice, about loving and letting go-and where her true home lies.

This is a beautifully written story with characters I cared about. It’s more than a love story. It’s a woman’s search for fulfillment after a lifetime of putting others’ needs first. A cross country road trip provides adventures and the opportunity to taste the flavors of other places and people. Characters are colorful and realistic. Locations are painted with artistic brushstrokes of words: ‘Her rearview mirror showed clouds the color of a fresh bruise, stitched to the horizon by bolts of lightning.’
— Amazon Customer Review


My most recently published book



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He’s spent fifteen years protecting bull riders when they hit the dirt, but what’s a bullfighter supposed to do with his life when a bull puts him in a wheelchair? Maybe Katie Garrison, in the middle of a contentious divorce, can help him figure out his future, but her husband isn’t going to let her go without a fight. Besides, Luke may never walk again – what can he offer a woman like Katie, accustomed to security and luxury? Time for him to cowboy up.

Best western story ever. Learned so much about the rodeo scene. Great love story add in. Don’t miss this trilogy. All 3 stories pull you right in.
— Bev Brown, Amazon